Current Planetary Positions – Today’s Planetary Alignment

The diagrammatic representation of the condition and the celestial bodies’ positions at a provided time for a certain location on the Earth is termed to be planetary positions. With the planetary positions, the accurate minutes, seconds, and degrees of the Rashi or Zodiac are provided. Furthermore, the right positions of the planet in the heavens as well as their insertion in the correspondence houses can be pivoted for casting the exact right horoscope.

Identification of the correct positions of the planets will help in figuring out the power and influence that the planets and celestial bodies have on the matter. Current planetary positions mean the positions of the planets in the sky that are visible from the location at the spot. In the case of planets, today’s astrology is mentioned which will help in knowing the current planetary positions.

Current Planetary Positions Astrology

PlanetsSign DegreesHouseRashi LordNakshatraNakshatra LordFull Degree
Pluto ℞6301.687°
True North Node912.864°
True South Node3192.864°

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Knowing if a planet is weak or strong?

The Shadbala of each planet is the main thing that will help in identifying the strength of the planet as to whether the planet is weak or strong. Here, Shad means six and Bala symbolizes strength. Together, the term denotes the six types of strength that finalize the planet’s strength of whether or not they are weak. The six types are Kaala Bala, Sthahan Bala, Di Bala, Naisargik Bala, Cheshtha Bala, and finally Drik Bala.

Every planet has a strong influence on an individual life. When it comes to the calculations of the planet strongly associated with the six parameters, it becomes a highly tough job.

Where are the planets right now?

The current planets’ positions in May are as follows:

In terms of today’s planetary alignments, on these mornings Venus is cordially joined by the thin crescent moon. Just before the sunrise, the waning crescent moon will be complete with earthshine where it is hung near the brilliant Venus, where both of them glow above the morning horizon. On the following morning, the moon floats on the other side of Venus which is just above the horizon.

This morning, the red planet Mars met with Jupiter, the giant planet. Overnight on May 28, Mars slightly slide around 0.6 degrees close to Jupiter. In terms of rising, both the planets rise around 3 a.m. local time and are likely to be the same distance apart. Around 5 a.m, they are above the morning horizon and are about 25 degrees.

For those who are observing this from the Southern hemisphere, the paths of the planets or the ecliptic, are cut down sharply down towards the horizon. If the vertical alignment is more, Mars will approach Jupiter just from above. Thus, around May 29, Mars will slip towards the right of the Jupiter whereas, on the following day of May 30, they will be side by side.

Today’s Panchang

Benefits of checking Current Planetary Positions

There are many benefits of checking Current Planetary Positions and they are as follows:

Aids in financial planning

You will be provided with a direction that will help in your investing purpose. Thus, in the sense of a progressive mind, an individual will be able to invest money in profitable schemes.

Plan your day accordingly

The current planetary positions will help in figuring out your lucky time, number of the day as well as the correspondence lucky color.

Offers a snapshot

The chances of becoming successful accelerate to another level as the potential lucky day is already known.

Today’s Choghadiya


Thus, these are everything that was there to know about the planetary positions. Now that you have all the information that was there to know, you are all set to move ahead with current planetary positions.

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