Cancer Man Traits – What Body Type Does a Cancer Man Like ?

Are you checking out the physical attracts for a Cancer man? If yes, you are on the right page.

Cancer is a zodiac sign that is ruled by the Moon. Hence, they are very passionate and sensitive when it comes to relationships. Cancer men give importance to physical appearance and personality when selecting their partners. But due to evolutionary drives and cultural pressures, they are still limited to certain physical types. As the Cancer men are ruled by the Moon, they are likely to be attracted to sexually attractive and curvaceous women. For them, an athletic figure with a beautiful hourglass outlook is an ideal match. They also prefer ladies who love looking after their figure and enjoying their comfort zone.

Cancer Man’s Ideal Woman

So, want to explore more about what a Cancer male is attracted to? Let’s check on the body types that catch the eyes of a Cancer man easily.

Cancer Man Traits

Healthy woman

Cancer men are caring and nurturing by nature. Again, they also search for affection and are very possessive. So, when looking for their perfect partner, they don’t give importance to their physical appearance, but they look for assistance, affection, and comfort. Cancer men look for women to whom they can be susceptible. Women who are ready to accept however they are sure to attract them as they don’t like to make changes in themselves. So, if you are confident with your skin and healthy, you can surely look to date a Cancer man even if you are not having an attractive physical appearance. Having a poor diet and an inactive lifestyle is sure to turn them off. No doubt, they are not looking for ladies who are on strict diets and have chiseled abs, but they are sure to like the ones who are physically fit with a good BMI.

Short women

Cancer men are self-conscious and insecure too. Hence, while selecting a partner, they would prefer women who are either similar in height or who are shorter. But it should also be noted that if any Cancer man is seriously in a relationship with you and finds his true soulmate in you, he is sure to ignore the difference in your heights.

Average physiques

Talking about body dimensions, Cancer men prefer dating women who have an average physique. They generally avoid women who have those chimichangas type of body which is a body with no curve. They also remain apart from women who have heavy body weights. Cancer men are clingy and sensual. They would prefer to date a woman with an average physique whom they can cuddle comfortably. But on the other hand, if they find a woman who is very well connected with them emotionally and knows how to adjust with them, they don’t give importance to their physical outlook.


Cancer man ideal woman is one who emanates feminine energy as Cancer itself is a feminine sign. They look for women who are nurturing and sensual as well. They try to avoid women who have masculine traits even if they are attractive. Women with an hourglass body shape and long hair attract Cancer men for sure.


Are you having confidence in yourself? If yes, you are sure to attract the Cancer men. They love women who take confidence in whatever they wear and wherever they go. They look for women who make eye contact in bed and have strong intimacy. They hate to be with someone who is not comfortable with being witnessed and wants the lights off when in bed. So, the women who are confident can surely try to catch the eyes of a Cancer man.

Simple yet Elegant

No doubt, the Cancer men would look for a partner who enjoys putting on makeup and other accessories, but they still love to date women who have a natural look as much as possible. They don’t give much importance to the conformist beauty senses. Cancer men prefer their soulmate to be healthy and self-assured. Hence, to attract a Cancer man towards you, you don’t need to have those curvy breasts and thighs. Neither you need to put on that unwanted makeup layers for a perfect look. All you need to have is a simple and natural appearance with utmost confidence.

Apart from all these, Cancer men would also prefer women with soft skin tones. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to be sweaty or rough. You just need blemishing skin that is soft, smooth, refined, and extremely sensuous. If you have all these characteristics, a Cancer man would make you like the most attractive woman on the earth.

Cancer man values imperfections in looks, personality, and wholesome energy. If you are a woman who carries all these, you can surely look forward to dating a Cancer man.

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