Bhakoot Dosha Meaning, Remedies and Cancellation Rules

In Astrology, Bhakoot is termed as a moon sign. It isn’t a dosha itself, but it is among the 8 essential categories in guna milan among the 36 gunas in kundali matching. In Bhakoot matching, 7 points are considered in maximum. While matching the Kundali with the help of Ashtkoot Guna Milan method, the position of Bhakoot claims the 2nd position and the 7th position from the top and bottom respectively. The gunas are assigned for determining the married life of the couple, and when Bhakut dosha is observed, it comes with an evil effect on the married life.

Today, through this piece of information, let’s understand Bhakoot Dosha in detail and determine how to eliminate its evil effects of Bhakut dosha.

Bhakoot Dosha – Meaning

The Bhakoot meaning as per Vedic Astrology is that when in the birth chart the moon signs of the couples make disapproving combinations such as 6 and 8, 9 and 5, or even 12 and 2, Bhakut dosha is formed.

Let’s have a clear explanation of the disapproving combinations formed to understand the Bhakut dosha briefly.

  • When the boy is from the Aries zodiac sign and the girl is from the Virgo zodiac sign, the moon in the boy’s kundali would be in the 8th position from the moon in the girl’s kundali. Similarly, the moon of the girl’s kundali would be in the 6th position from the moon of the boy’s kundali. Hence, the combination of 6-8 is formed. This combination is termed to be the most dangerous combination. It is sure to harm the health of the boy and the girl. The situation can also result in any kind of operation.
  • When either the boy or girl is from the Virgo sign, and the opposite person is from the Taurus sign, the positions of the moon in the kundalis would be 9 and 5 which creates the combination 9-5. This combination can result in progeny issues along with various other major issues in the marriage relationship.
  • When the boy or girl is from the Gemini sign and the other person is from the Taurus sign, the position of the moon in each other’s kundali would reach positions 12 and 2. This situation creates the combination 12-2. The partners with this combination would suffer from the financial crisis. Again, there would be certain health issues involved too.

In an extreme situation where other malefic beliefs are also involved along with Bhakut dosha in the birth chart or kundali, it can also result in the death of one of the partners. Disagreements, fights, quarrels, etc. are also possible which can lead to divorce.

What are the negative results of Bhakut dosha?

Bhakut dosha invites various serious issues in the marital life for both the husband and wife. Such situations might not all of a sudden effect married life but would certainly affect married life one day. Here are some negative effects that can be noticed in couples suffering from Bhakut dosha.

  • The foremost negative impact would be financial issues. This can be experienced in various ways like one of the partners being dependent on the other completely, failure in business, no returns on hard work, etc.
  • There would be issues or hurdles in conceiving a child. This can also result in issues like dissatisfaction in a physical relationship too.
  • The couple would face frequent disagreements, fights, disappointment, etc. in their relationship leading to legal separation or divorce.

In case Bhakut dosha arrives with any other malefic dosha in the Kundli of the boy or girl, it can also lead to the death of either of the partner or both.

What to do if Bhakoot Guna is 0?

While calculating the compatibility score through Bhakoot matching, if the result is 0, it means that Bhakut dosha exists in the boy and girl’s kundali matching. And when the Bhakoot Guna is 0, the couple needs to practice various Bhakoot cancellation rituals for eliminating the evil effects of Bhakoot from their married life.

Bhakoot Dosha

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Bhakoot dosha cancellation rules:

Bhakut dosha if formed while matching the kundalis for marriage should be eliminated as it would result in the end of the marriage or other issues in the health or life of the spouse. No doubt, it is not possible to eliminate the dosha from the kundali completely, it is possible to reduce the negative effects of the dosha to a certain level which can prevent divorce or death of the partner and help them live a happy married life. The malicious effects of the dosha would weaken and gradually reduce.

Here are the Bhakoot dosha cancellation ways.

Pooja and Havan

The malicious impact of the Bhakut dosha can be reduced by performing some Pooja and Havan. Performing such rituals would weaken the negative effects of the dosha. Contact an Astrologer and he would explain to you how chanting the Maha Mrutyunjay Mantra or Jaap would help in cancelling the Bhakut dosha. Performing a Shanti Pooja after that is also advisable. Doing every month would gradually help in reducing the effects of Bhakut dosha. Apart from this, the Astrologer might also advise you to worship Lord Ganesha every day as he would bless the couple with prosperity and peace.


According to Vedic Astrology, there are 9 precious gemstones known as Navgrahas which are strong and the best remedies to various marital issues like aggression, anger, etc. So, contact an Astrologer and ask for a gemstone as per your zodiac sign to fight against the evil effects of Bhakut dosha. This is also an effective way of protecting your relationship from Bhakut dosha.

Hence, these are the two effective ways to deal with Bhakut dosha before marriage.

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Bhakut dosha is truly one of the dangerous doshas that cannot be ignored as it can result in a total disaster in marital life. Again, the combinations and the negative impact of the dosha vary from one couple to another depending on the zodiac signs of the couples. Hence, it is advisable to seek some professional help from Astrologers for a happy married life in future.

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